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Dec 09, 2017 Vincent MFR is invited to 70 day teset for approved stallions in North America!

Jan 01, 2017 Doaitsen 420 Sport named 2016 USEF breeding stallion of the year for Friesians!

Congratulations to everyone who have shown their Doaitsen offspring in 2016, allowing him to be named "USEF 2016 Leading Sire, Full and Half Friesian"!

I have loved reading all of the FB posts and e-mails about people showing their Doaitsen offspring over the years, which echo the comments from the judges on offspring testing:

  • "Offspring are tall, modern, alert horses who are willing to work"
  • "Offspring show athleticism, balance and suppleness"
  • "Offspring show super use of rear leg"
  • Offspring are "horses who are a pleasure to work with".

Our own experience at Maddi's Friesian Ranch is that Doaitsen and his offspring are brave, curious horses who are forward moving, not lazy and a joy to work with...and watch! We ride trails with them and in our in-door and outdoor arenas!

/media/uploads/generated/doaitsen-award_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/doiat-for-award_orig.jpg

Jun 10, 2016 Sacramento Western Horse Expo

Uldrich and Wesley B, accompanied by Ruth, Greg, Britney, Barb, Donna and Gunner all attended the 3 day Western Horse Expo at the Scaramento Fair Grounds. MFR exhibited in the Friesian Horse Association booth as well as performing daily in the Friesian breed show.

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Dec 21, 2015 Annual Christmas Party

This year our annual party was held at Wally's Hot Springs 1862 restaurant.

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/media/uploads/generated/20151221_0025W_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/20151221_0023W_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/20151221_0038W_orig.jpg

Apr 28, 2015 Ruth playing with Eleysee and her new colt Zachary

Sep 26, 2014 2014 Carson City Keuring

Our keuring was Wednesday, in Carson City, Nevada. It was great to have a local keuring this year. Results for our horses are:

Champion Colt: Triston MFR
Reserve Champion Colt: Vincent MFR
Champion Filly: Teagan MFR
Reserve Champion Filly: Vienna MFR
Champion Mare: Wobke
1st premie Crown Mare: Wobke
1st premie ster Mare: Anisha
2nd premie ster Mare: Kahia MFR
Ster Stallion: Krino
Considered for approved stallion: Krino
Champion of the Day: Wobke

/media/uploads/generated/FillyChampsW_1_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/ColtChampW_1_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/MareChampW_1_orig.jpg
/media/uploads/generated/Tristan4W_1_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/TeaganChampW_1_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/20140923_0521W_orig.jpg
/media/uploads/generated/20140923_0524W_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/20140924_0488W_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/20140923_0515W_orig.jpg
/media/uploads/generated/20140923_0503W_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/DutchW_1_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/20140924_0500W_orig.jpg
/media/uploads/generated/TristanW_1_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/WobkeChampW_1_orig.jpg /media/uploads/generated/PabloW_1_orig.jpg


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